particles and planes

Some particles colliding with a plane. Use the numpad+/numpad- keys to increase/decrease the number of particles.


this has...

...nothing to do with physics.
i just want to say that i love cristina.
cristina, te iubesc



And while we're at springs, the mandatory cloth demo:


spring simulation

Yet another interactive simulation: a fixed spring with a box attached to it. Use the PageUp/PageDown/Space keys to control the camera.


particles and spheres

The same demo, this time spheres are involved. Press "space" to start/stop the camera to orbit around the scene.


particles and boxes

This demo features some collision detection and response. You can increase/decrease the number of particles with numpad+ and numpad-, respectively.

forces and particles

I made a firework show by blowing up random sandy3d primitives. The visual appearance could definitely use some work, but as a proof of concept will do, so here it goes:


a simple simulation

Here's something simple: a rigid body moving and rotating under the influence of forces:

(no preloader, so you might have to wait some time)


Welcome to my blog.
Lately i became interested in physics, and I've been working on something that one day, maybe , will become a real physics engine. I'm developing it in 2 versions: one in c++, using opengl, and one in actionscript, using the sandy3d library. I'll post here about my experiments.